Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Theme war

About 99.345% of the time I'm struggle put my thought in this blog. In my mind I always ask, what's the purpose of this blog? My understanding told me there are various types of blog, serving different purpose. Here's the list:
  1. tech-savvy-latest-gadget type
  2. political-flame-throwing type
  3. everyone-is-bloggin-so-must-i type
  4. heavy-advertisement-to-earn-$$ type
  5. joky-funny-idea-creativity type
  6. home-recipe-or-photo-sharing type
  7. copy-articles-and-paste type
  8. because-so-lazy-it's-abandon type
It is impossible to maintain a blog contain all the above element, althoght I wish to. So I've decided. This is my blog. My journal of growing and learning. I'll be sharing my thoughts on growth. Why? because growing experience is interesting.

Ok folks, I gotta admit at this time I have no confidence to keep this on. But, I'll try :)

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