Thursday, September 28, 2006

Random Post 9834903

Well, why do I post my picture here? Erm.. I'm just trying to upload my face to update my profile. Guess what? No direct upload from file. Well done Google.

Okie, since I'm texting here, so it's better for me to keep texting :)

Hmm... Let's update my life. Okay, see carefully. This is the conclusion: Life is Difficult. That's it ;p

Life is difficult. That's a fact. The fact the apply to every single living creature on earth. Let's not get too sad on this. Life is beautiful. Huh? Did I get you wrong? No, I'm saying again, Life is beautiful.

I'm not sure when this comes to my understanding. But surely. Did you ever felt heart broken? Did you ever lost something, says a handphone? Did you ever going through tough training? Did you ever cry?

I'm sorry if reading the above paragraph makes you sad. Now I'm gonna prove you Life is Beautiful.

What happens after rain? Will you see rainbow? It's only make sense that our joy can make complete after been thru sad moment. How do you feel when you are comforted by closed friends? How do you feel when you found your lost handphone? How do you feel when you know you're now tougher than before? If you never cried before, laughing makes no sense.

Life if beautiful.

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