Thursday, September 21, 2006

Why Blogger

After some picky choosy time on grabbing a blogware here and here, that suit my needs, I finally came to Blogger. Before came into this decision, I also tried out some chinese blogware, no doubt they are bunch of creative people. Really :)

Why blogger? First of all, it is super FLEXIBLE. From template customising, to javascripting, I could change the way it looks, the blocks I want to show. Second, FREE. Althought I don't like the speed and the little banner up there, at least blogger meets my needs. Yeah, that's cool.

Now, here would be my regular site to blog, until I save enough to register a domain. Then, when the time comes, I will very high chance switch to my favorite CMS system -- drupal. (means, possible to do file sharing, podcasting, photo gallery, and other really cool stuff...) However, before that dream comes true I will stick with blogger.

Have Fun Reading My Blog !!

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