Tuesday, December 23, 2008


"God loved the birds and invented trees. Man loved the birds and invented cages."
- Jacques Deval

I want to get rid of cages and fly in blue sky. Over protective is not protection.

Boundaries are good, for one's sake. But when it became crippling rules, not just one's opportunity to grow is killed, it could mean harm too.

We have freedom. That's the best gift from God. It's our decision how to apply rules to either be it constructive or destructive. I agree cages are for beasts.

when we try to cage everything, out of good intention to protect, often the end result would not be expected. God in his infinite wisdom created mankind who can make own decision and He did not regret to make us so special.

Everyone has freewill, it's God given. While man abuse their freedom, we need it to stay healthy as well to be whole.

If one solution doesn't work, try another. God gave us brilliant brain and ability to think and be creative. Unlike animal, man hold the power to invent useful things and make this world beautiful; or destruct everything on earth into ugly wasteland. Animal just live.

Man is able to reason. Without reasoning, we can be more animal than animal. Man are thoughtful being, we need to understand and relate to others. Animal doesn't understand consequences. All man are gifted, make use of our unique gifts to benefit one another.

My point is, identify cages in life, unleash your potential. When cage doesn't work, plant trees.

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