Friday, December 19, 2008

My 2008 Christmas Wishlist

Jingle bell~ Jingle dell~ Jingle all the way~

I don't care whether you feel the christmas mood or not. But it's coming. It's real. It's gonna be Christmas! Let's not talk about chrismas eve.

Christmis is great!

The reason why christmas is awesome, definitely it's not about the turkey. Everyone wants gifts! Just like you expect angpows during CNY. Too bad to the married, especially the couple who will get married just 2 weeks before CNY. You meant to give. But take heart, it's better to give than to receive. So, let me help you to be giving!

Well, as a geek. I certainly do not appreciate flowers, pen, FOOD (yes, you heard me right), decoration items, notepad (I'm using electronic notepad). Tuan-tuan and puan-puan, if you can afford, I don't mind a toy car, a mini pc, or a handy camera.

Don't faint first. If you think you can get me something more affordable, don't hurt your brain. Nah, let me help you again. A list of random small gifts.

Seriously, I like the idea of office plant, coffee mug, books and headphones.

Still no idea? NO worry. Please don't feel obligated to give. Because I understand the process is painful. It's so tedious and cause unnecessary brain cell damage. How?

Steps To Get Your Friend A Christmas Gift
  1. Look at the calendar and be very fear.
  2. Keep reminded you're gonna be broke.
  3. Think your budget. Anyway, you still blew it.
  4. Think who to give. By the end of listing tons of names, you gave up.
  5. Think what to give. Try to make it special but giving everyone the same special gift.
  6. Think where to get. Shopping and then got distracted to watch movie @_@
  7. Think how to wrap. It takes more time to just wrap RM50 into angpow.
  8. Think when to give. How to carry them like Santa without reindeers.
  9. Find the person and make sure he's not in meeting and wish the person.
  10. Regret why you wasted dollars and hours in your life just because everyone else doing the same thing.
Well, actually I just need a warm hug when you see only :)
(hint: I might be hidding will be busy)

Btw, I'm glad there's no more singing christmas carol like last year. But unfortunately this year we have to organise a mega christmas carol. I mean it's a good news for the unfortunate people of course. Hope worldwide is committed to help the unfortunate, and I'm a volunteer to give on this day of giving.

Merry Christmas to y'all and Happy New Year York Harlem Singers Concert !!

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