Friday, December 12, 2008

I'll be jobless next month

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I'll be jobless next month

Let's be positive. I'm looking for new job opportunity now! Sounds better?

A few days ago, I tender my resignation letter.

Why? It's just as simple as "looking for new opportunity". To my friends who care, I need to say this thing first - I love my company.

It's all about change of role and environment. Keep the long story short, the company's new direction no longer needs my specialty and I no longer appreciate working with things the way I do.

The management gives me option to stay catching up hard coding or leaving. And I thought It's not the right place for me to learn coding fast and solid. But I must mention I like the new implementation of documentation and improved project work-flow, these decisions reduce my brain cells damage. I often hurt my brain while working my socks out in constrained time.

There are good and bad things about me the things I do. I can only do one thing, which is open source web development in PHP. (to non-tech-savvy readers, it mean I make websites with low cost yet high productive technology) This job position is very weird, only for weird people. Well, this is another topic to talk about my job nature.

Well, weird people like me demands to do my weird job in weird environment. If that is not weird enough, try to image a weird behavior scientist in a dungeon like lab. You watched those cartoons before right?

Okay. I'm little too far.

In plain english, I'm looking for job. Wish me luck.

p.s. I truly appreciate my tenure with the company, and I wishes them to continue blossom in whatever business they venture in, and I believe so :)

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